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Sunlight and cold wind make a special food

Yamanomura, where there are seven villages in the Hida mountain area, has an elevation of 1000 meters. The area is 4.5 km by mountain road from the town of Kamioka. It takes two hours to reach from Takayama City by car. The population is about 150 people. It’s a small town and it is not easy to visit, especially during winter.

Now, we have a road to the area for cars. But before the roads b…


Dream brings the god of wealth

The Hida area is surrounded by mountains. People here have long used trees for architecture, furniture, wood carvings, floats for local festivals, Buddha sculptures, etc. Techniques for the treatment of wood in the Hida area are so highly developed that in Japan carpenters are referred to as ‘Hida-no-takumi’, ‘takumi’ meaning specialists in woodworking.


There is a curious place whose …


Wrapped in magnolia leaves

Hida delicacies


The hou-no-ki is the tree with which people in the Hida region feel most intimately connected. People often use this tree in their lives.

It is said that the flower of the ‘hou-no-ki’ is the biggest in Japan, and it has a sweet smell. This tree is a kind of magnolia, a deciduous broad-leaved tree, so its leaves fall off in the autumn.

Its trunk is used for ma…


Building Naked Trust

As a country that sits on top of the Pacific Rim, Japan has countless public baths. In the past, there were public baths called “sento” in the towns as private baths in the homes were rare in those da…