We have been supported travelers seeking authentic and unique experiences in Hida region since 2010.
Our aim is to deepen understanding and appreciation of the highly sustainable traditional lifestyles of the Japanese countryside. We do this through facilitating interaction with local landscapes and people, connecting travellers with locals to provide an authentic taste of Japanese rural culture and hospitality.


Discover the heart of Japan with us

Hida Satoyama Cycling

There are ordinary Japan cycling tours - and then there is the Hida Satoyama cycling experience.

Getting in touch with the rhythm of Hida daily life is as simple as taking one of our most popular guided tours. As you bike leisurely through this gorgeous farming village, take in the seasonal rhythms of a special way of life handed down over generations.

Pedaling a vividly-colored Louis Garnau LGS-FIVE bicycle and accompanied by an experienced guide who understands Satoyama history and culture, your journey through rice fields and charming ancient avenues will help you to discover the unique beauty of Japan.

Craft, Cuisine & Culture

With a culture almost as old as time itself, it should not come as a surprise that Japan has developed a very special culture that is nowhere else to be seen. The Hida area reflects this ancient culture with its traditional cuisines, such as tofu, rice-wine, miso and much more. And not only the local cuisines but also the traditional craftsmanship, most notably woodwork, pottery and textile productions are easily found in this region. Many locals have devoted their time to produce traditional goods using the traditional method which can be seen in the Old Town. Next to smaller items, floats can also be admired for being handcrafted and decorated to the finest details. Additionally, if you are interested in learning to make this food for yourself, then we also offer cooking classes.

Seasonal Tours

Hida area is covered with deep snow from end of December to the end of February.

We definitely offer the snow activities outside the town. Our tour takes you into a frozen forest and lets you experience how closely we live together with the nature.



    SATOYAMA STAY NINO-MACHI is located beneath the bustling shopping district of Nino-machi, which used to be the main shopping street in Hida Furukawa. We offer a front desk service for all of our guests, including tour arrangements.

    Our main building is a newly constructed wooden townhouse designed from scratch to blend in with the surrounding town architecture. It incorporates the rustic charm of Hida, including impressive pillars and beams commonly seen in old Japanese houses. The first floor features a modern workshop room, while the second floor has three rooms with tatami corridors.

    Our separate building, a 120-year-old warehouse located in the garden, is a valuable survivor of the Great Fire of Hida Furukawa in 1904. Designed by architectural design firm DEZAMU, who specialize in renovating townhouses in Hida Furukawa and Takayama, you can enjoy the refined space with a lovely scent of wood.

    We hope you will have a pleasant stay at our establishment.

    SATOYAMA STAY TONO-MACHI, located on the street just around the corner from Seto River, which is synonymous with Hida Furukawa, is a renovated 80-year-old establishment called "Tomino-ya". It was popular as a Japanese-style snack bar.

    We have retained most of the exterior of the building while renovating it, and now offer guest rooms only. You can enjoy the atmosphere of living in a traditional Japanese townhouse and experience the lifestyle of Hida Furukawa as if you were returning home.

    We believe that our establishment provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for business travelers as well.

    * Please note that TONO-MACHI rooms are designated as dog-friendly. If this is a concern for you, please consider NINO-MACHI instead.





Stress-Free Countryside Trips

We would love to arrange your adventure holidays in the greater Hida area!
SATOYAMA STAY will be the ideal base for you.

We offer self-guided holidays in conjunction with some guided tours that allow you to enjoy both flexibility and great value for money. Also,we propose you the most sustainable way of transportation, accommodations and tours based on our sustainable policy.

  • Multi Day Trip Ideas

    We specialize in designing private, fully customized trips in the greater Hida area for individuals, families and small groups.
    We provide a foreigner focused service in the area and would love to hear about your travel ideas so that we can assist you in creating an unforgettable journey.We offer stress-free self-guided holidays in conjunction with some guided tours that allow you to enjoy both flexibility and great value for money.

  • Day Trip Ideas

    We are delighted to customise short tours, day trips or multi-day tours for you, with full flexibility on
    route and timing.Let us know your interests and our custom tour staff will be happy to help plan the
    perfect trip for you.
    For responsible travellers, we can propose you the most sustainable way of transportation,
    accommodations and tours based on our sustainable policy.

7 reasons to choose SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE

✓ Top ranked activity since 2010

We have been the only travel agency/tour operator in akayama focusing on travelers from overseas for over 10 years and are recognized as a leading company in our field. The owners are highly experienced travelers with an in-depth understanding of global tourism trends.

  • 1100+TripAdvisor "Excellent" Reviws
  • 4.9 on Google
  • lonely planet TOP CHOICE

✓ Places to stay and things to do in one place

From 2020, SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE can offer both places to stay and things to do in the Takayama area.Guests have the full range of SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE services at their fingertips.

✓ Connect with locals

Interaction with local people gives travelers an authentic taste of Japanese hospitality. Our accommodation and tours are designed to connect travelers with locals.

✓ Small group and bespoke tours

Our guests are 99% FIT and our regular tour groups run with a maximum of 8 participants. We are constantly adding to our range of private tours. Bespoke tours can be arranged in consultation with guests, even on site.

✓ Locally owned and operated

We are an independent, locally owned and operated company, and we take great pride in making guests’ stay in the Hida area unforgettable


We are proud to announce that we’ve received Travelife Partner award in Aug. 2023. We are actively engaged in taking the necessary steps towards complying with international sustainability standards.
Click here for our sustainable actions.

✓ Enthusiastic and friendly guides

Our guides and reception staff all speak English, live
locally, are friendly, and have unique personal histories!


Where we are


  • Our front desk and tour desk are located here.

    〒509-4235 11-32 Nino-machi, Furukawa-cho, Hida-shi, Gifu

    We are an 8-minute walk from JR Hida-Furukawa Station.


  • 〒509-4224 7-21 Tono-machi, Furukawa-cho, Hida-shi, Gifu

    We are a 3-minute walk from JR Hida-Furukawa Station.