Miyuki is a great sake lover and is very familiar with Hida region, having many acquaintances among the locals. She is proficient in various activities such as cycling, hiking, wearing a kimono, and practicing tea ceremonies, which are all part of traditional Japanese culture. (Originally from Akita)


An animal lover at heart, she pursued her English studies in New Zealand through a language exchange program before settling in Hida. With her careful personality, she handles every task perfectly and notices the little things that others might miss. Not just a guide, she also plays an important role in promoting Trabelife*. In her free time. she enjoys volunteering at a local farm. *At the international accreditation body for sustainable tourism, SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE strives for certification. For more details, click here. (Originally from Kanagawa)


Ayano is in charge of managing tour and accommodation bookings and is also resposnsible for handling custom arrangements. She has a keen eye for detail and can effortlessly manage a large volume of customer emails accurately. Although she has three children, her skill of balancing work and life is something we want to learn. (Originally from Hida Takayama)


Shiho always handles problems positively whenever challenges arise. She plays a role in creating a peaceful working environment for staff. With her exceptional response and processing abilities, she takes care of a wide range of daily tasks. As she is the manager of the company, she makes the crucial decision for the company. (Originally from Tokyo)

Miharu:House Keeper & Chef

Meet our talented chef who is responsible for preparing your breakfast during your stay at SATOYAMA STAY. She has a strong commitment to her goals. Every dish she makes reflects her unique vision, blending creativity with a focus on health. Get ready to be amazed by her exceptional dish, crafted with care and passion. (Originally from Hida Furukawa)


Taku is our CEO who never stops and always pushes for progress. He leads with passion, and a vibrant personality, and brings in fresh perspectives to the team. Despite his frequent travels, which can sometimes make him seem distant, he is deeply invested in his team`s well-being. He understands the importance of checking in and supporting his staff, even if he is on the move. He is relied on by his staff members. (Originally from Nara)

Midori:Secretary & Guide

Midori is always filled with smiles and energy. With her personality, she balances work, hobbies, and childcare. She is not only an acupuncturist but also a mother who works as a guide and secretary with her well-handling skills to tasks. Her high decisiveness and judgment make everything go smoothly for other members. (Originally from Fukuoka)

Ku:Accounting & House Keeper

Ku works in accounting with precise and attention-to-detail skills. She is a mother of three girls, plus she used to make ski jump ramps which makes her snowboarding skills top-notch. She is a relible person who is always kind and listens to everyone. (Originally from Hida Takayama)


She is responsible for managing reservations for tours and accommodation. She has a thorough understanding of every detail involved. We are all impressed by her extensive knowledge and her ability to adapt to various situtaions. She is a mother of four children, and her charming feature is the upturned corners of her mouth. (Originally from Mie)


Her passion is poured into cats, dogs, birds, and fish-particulaly when served as Sushi. Her hobbies include snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and birdwatching, all of which reflect her deep love for nature. She spent her childhood in America and her college years in Australia. With her native fluency in English and affectionate personality, she brings smiles to people today as usual. (Originally from Shizuoka)


He was born to be an entertainer who brings laugh and joy to people around him. His humor easily breaks icebreak and get close to guests, as we often see him and his guests come back like old friends. He is good with hands doing Carigraphy and organizing equipments but his huge appetite makes him entertainer back again. (Originally from Fukushima)


He has a gentle aura and a smile that brings comfort within the company. With a calm and friendly personality, he utilizes his learned English from university and studying abroad to guide numerous customers daily. He continuously enhances his knowledge and experience through various training sessions and programs. His hobbies include baseball, skateboarding, billiards, and traveling. (Originally from Aichi)

Dong Ju:Guide

A quadrilingual guide from Seoul, he has a unique background as a carpenter. Drawn to Japan by his love for traditional Japanese carpentry, he has fluency in English, Japanese, Spanish, and a distinct outlook on life, shaping him into a practical philosopher. (Originally from Korea)