Hida Satoyama Cycling

There are ordinary Japan cycling tours - and then there is the Hida Satoyama cycling experience.

Getting in touch with the rhythm of Hida daily life is as simple as taking one of our most popular guided tours. As you bike leisurely through this gorgeous farming village, take in the seasonal rhythms of a special way of life handed down over generations.

Pedaling a vividly-colored Louis Garnau LGS-FIVE bicycle and accompanied by an experienced guide who understands Satoyama history and culture, your journey through rice fields and charming ancient avenues will help you to discover the unique beauty of Japan.

Craft, Cuisine & Culture

With a culture almost as old as time itself, it should not come as a surprise that Japan has developed a very special culture that is nowhere else to be seen. The Hida area reflects this ancient culture with its traditional cuisines, such as tofu, rice-wine, miso and much more. And not only the local cuisines but also the traditional craftsmanship, most notably woodwork, pottery and textile productions are easily found in this region. Many locals have devoted their time to produce traditional goods using the traditional method which can be seen in the Old Town. Next to smaller items, floats can also be admired for being handcrafted and decorated to the finest details. Additionally, if you are interested in learning to make this food for yourself, then we also offer cooking classes.