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Hida Satoyama Cycling Standard

Hida Satoyama Cycling / Guided Tour / Regular
Standard 3.5-Hour Guided Tour of Hida Satoyama

This Satoyama Cycling Tour uncovers a land of beauty like nowhere else

Cycling in Japan has never been more intimate, more connected with time and place. The 3.5-Hour Guided Tour of Satoyama helps you get a feeling for the town, showcasing a well-balanced and colorful snapshot of local village life over the scenic 22 km route. It’s a relaxing contrast to city life, a unique cultural experience rivaling other Japan bike tours, and a great way to get some exercise. Here are just a few examples of great spots that you’ll get to explore on your journey.


Rice plants are an essential part of Satoyama’s landscape and one of this tour’s most charming attractions–you can learn how rice grows in Japan and later, reap the benefits of the harvest with a hearty meal. During the tour, take the opportunity to visit a local market where local vegetables and other products are sold.


Ricefield in autumnEven before food, though, you’ll need pure, clear water–something that this mountainous area has in abundance! There are many water-drawing spots, all known by our guides. The water is both delicious and free, the perfect thirst-quencher during a great ride.



While other Japan bike tours may only show you tourist spots, we will journey beyond the guidebooks, visiting everywhere from natural havens to local gathering areas essential to town life. One of them is the local market, a colorful place where the local stories are just as good as the food. Come away with a full stomach and things to tell your family and friends.




Mar 20, 2017Dec 20, 2017
Mar 20, 2017Dec 20, 2018


Approx. 3h30m

10/16-12/20: Morning tour only.

Number of Participants

Max8 people
Min1 person

Meeting Point


8-11 Furukawacho Ninomachi, Hida-shi, Gifu, Japan



Reservation up to 170 days ahead is possible. For reservations further ahead, please contact us via the inquiry page.


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