The most Popular SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE package including Takayama, Hida Furukawa, Shirakawa-go and 3 activities!


  • Cookery Class: Learn how to make typical Hida dishes using fresh local ingredients, drawing on the food culture handed downthroughgenerations.
  • Food and Culture walk in Takayama: visiting morning markets and old streets in Takayama to see local traditional foods in Hida area.
  • Satoyama Cycling: Casual bike ride through the Japanese countryside, Satoyama, and meet the locals.
  • Shirakawa-go : You will be inspired by traditional wooden architectures “Gassho-zukuri” which only exist in this snowy area.


Day 1Travel to Hida Furukawa / cookery class

Travel to Hida Furukawa
After arrival, take some rest and join our cookery class to make your own dinner!

(overnight at SATOYAMA STAY)

Day 2Takayama food and culture tour / cycling

Take a short train ride to Takayama and join our Food and Culture tour to visit morning markets and some food shops to learn about local traditional foods in this area.

In the afternoon, back to Hida Furukawa and join our cycling tour to catch a glimpse of local life in the countryside.
(overnight at SATOYAMA STAY)

Day 3Shirakawa-go

In the morning, take a bus to Shirakawa-go, the only place in Japan where the traditional masterpieces known asgassho-zukurihouses, with stunning thatched roofs,can be seen in their natural setting. Several of the housesin the village are open to the public.
Shirakawa-go is especially convenient if Kanazawa is the next destination, only 90 minutes away.


This itinerary is an example to give you an idea of your journey. Please let us know your interests and preferences for your trip, (e.g. theme of the trip, place to visit, things to do, number of days), and we'll send you a proposal of your unforgettable trip in Japan.