SATOYAMA STAY offers accommodation in different locations, similar to the Italian concept of Albergo Diffuso. Since TONO-MACHI has no reception desk, only rooms, self check-in is available for your convenience.
As you have already submitted your personal details online, all you need to do is scan your passport using the iPad at the entrance of TONO-MACHI, and you are good to go. Any questions? The information on this page may answer them. If not, a smartphone is provided to next to the iPad. Please use it to call us via WhatsApp.

Reception Desk

Our reception desk is located at SATOYAMA STAY NINO-MACHI.
If you need any assistance, please come to SATOYAMA STAY NINO-MACHI, or just give us a call.

Reception hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm
TEL:  0577-73-5715 
If you have any problems at times other than the above, please call our mobile phone number; you’ll find it in your booking confirmation email.

How to enter TONO-MACHI

  • For the sake of visual harmony in this historical town, you won’t see a large sign, but our building can be identified through the large brass letters of SATOYAMA STAY TONO-MACHI to the left side of the entrance.
  • The entrance requires a PIN to open. Our confirmation email contains a link with your PIN.
  • The entrance door locks automatically on closing. Please take care not to lock yourself out. Please make sure that the door is closed properly to maintain your security and privacy.
  • A shoe cabinet is available for your use on your left as you enter.

The iPad is located at the entrance. Please use it to scan and save your ID (passport). Please follow the App instructions placed next to the iPad.

For guests who have suitcases,
– please use the towel to remove dirt from the suitcase casters. The towel is provided at the extrance.
– Rolling casters on tatami mats will cause damage so we would appreciate you carrying your suitcases instead of rolling them.
– Please open your suitcase on the rolled tatami mat.

  • Air conditioner remote controllers and facility information can be found in the cabinet drawers.
  • Towels and furoshiki carrying cloths are provided on the wooden rack.
  • Please use the disposable amenities available at the entrance if you require.

BreakFast & check out

  • Breakfast is served at SATOYAMA STAY NINO-MACHI kitchen studio from 7:30 to 9:00.
  • Please check out at NINO-MACHI at breakfast time. You are welcome to use your room until 11:00 after checking out.


  • No Smoking
  • You are welcome to use our complimentary water dispenser at the reception desk in NINO-MACHI. Please bring your own bottle. We also sell local fruit juice here.
  • For more detailed information about the building where you are staying and its facilities, please take a look at our information booklet, which can be found in the cabinet drawer.

Enjoy your stay!