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Custom Tours / Trip Idea Winter Rural Japan 3nights/4days





Custom Tours / Trip Idea
Winter Rural Japan 3nights/4days

In winter(December to March), Hida area is covered by deep snow. Although some activities are not available in this season, snow landscape is so beautiful. We offer some winter special programs for those who don’t mind cold weather and seek for the exclusive experiences. For skiers and snow boarders, there are ski resorts nearby.

Please click here to watch a movie about Winter Season in Hida region !


  • Okuhida: one of the most remarkable Onsen (hot spring) villages. You can enjoy “Yukimi-Buro” (soak in the open-air bath seeing snow) which is one of Japanese seasonal tradition. Stay in one of the best Ryokan in the area.
  • Shirakawa-go : You will be inspired by traditional wooden architectures “Gassho-zukuri” only exist in this snowy area.
  • Snowshoeing tour: Enjoy snowshoeing in the small village



Blackout dates –  Dec.28 –  Jan.3


This itinerary is an example to give you an idea of your journey. Please let us know your interests and preferences for your trip, (e.g. theme of the trip, place to visit, things to do, number of days), and we’ll send you a proposal of your unforgettable trip in Japan.

Day 1

Travel from Tokyo to Okuhida Onsen

Travel to Okuhida Onsen from Tokyo

Okuhida Onsen-go area is situated at the base of the Japan Alps, the onsen here have some of the most dramatic settings you will find anywhere.

Stay in modern Japanese Ryokan and enjoy dinner set by irori fireplace.

Winter events are often held by locals.

(overnight in Okuhida Onsen)

Day 2

Enjoy Takayama

Enjoy morning bath and go to Takayama. Hida Takayama in the northern part of Gifu Prefecture is a castle town surrended by mountains. Takayama is best known for its carpenters, who worked on the imperial palace in Kyoto and on many of the temples in Nara. Like a few cities, Takayama has retained is full atmosphere of the Edo period thanks to its preserved old districts, temples, shrines, antique shops and sake breweries.

IN the afternoon, try our “Sake brewery visit and Japanese tapas cooking” to know how SAKE is made and local’s snack.

(overnight in Takayama)

Day 3

Snowshoeing tour in the small village

Departing from Hida Furukawa office, we will take you to the small village to enjoy the snow shoeing. Walking through the rice paddies covered by snow and silent forests will be unforgettable experience.

(overnight in Takayama)


Day 4

Shirakawa-go Daytrip

In the morning, take a bus tour to Shirakawa-go. Shirakawa-go is the one of the places in Japan to enjoy traditional masterpieces called Gassho-zukuri houses.

Several thatched-roof buildings in the Village are open to the public.

  • We recommened to join the bus tours to get there.  In Hida, the road is covered by snow in Winter and it’s very dangerous to drive.

After the tour, go on to your next destination!