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Custom Tours / Trip Idea Small Village Stay 2nights/3days

Custom Tours / Trip Idea
Small Village Stay 2nights/3days

This particular village we are introducing is a hidden gem located in the middle of the mountains of the Hida area. With its gorgeous rice terraces along the mountainside and homes and storage houses over 100 years old, visitors can enjoy the depth of the Satoyama scenery.

Although the locals can’t speak English, their warm and friendly nature will make you feel more than welcome, and so we recommend saying “hi” or waving to them when you see them.

There is one beautiful building in the village built over 100 years ago which was fully renovated to become the accommodation visitors will stay in.




Since the village is located deep in the mountains, sometimes you see small bugs. They are not harmful at all,  but sometimes they may stink. If you are very nervous about bugs, we don’t recommend to stay.

Day 1


Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto → Takayama (See Access Page)

Walk around the town and enjoy the townscape, shops, and sites of Takayama.

(Overnight in Takayama)

Day 2

Hida Satoyama Cycling / Small Village Stay

Take a train from Takayama to Hida Furukawa . Walk around Hida Furukawa, and enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.

14:00 Hida Satoyama Cycling Tour (Standard Tour)

17:30 After the cycling tour, take private taxi to the accommodation in a village.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the buildings and local cuisine using 100% local ingredients.

(Overnight in Small Village)

Day 3

Enjoy the refreshing and quiet morning in the village. There are also options of guided walk or soba making with the locals if you request it during reservation. Depending on the season, locals may also invite you to help them with rice planting or harvesting!

Train schedule back to Takayama

11:51 Leave Sakagami Station (nearest station from the village)

12:29 Arrive Takayama Station

Option: Shirakawa-go afternoon bus tour

Go on to your next destination or stay more nights in Takayama