Our SATOYAMA STAY Project: Origins and Ethos

Since commencing our guided tours in 2010, we have been involved in numerous social contribution activities related to traditional housing, townscapes and cultural inheritance in the Hida area.

Over the last 10 years, vacant houses have become more prominent, both in the town of Hida Furukawa and in the surrounding area. So we decided to become directly involved in preserving the cultural heritage of this town, a concept which led us to our SATOYAMA STAY project.

The purchase of a former restaurant on the same street as our former office gave us the opportunity to create a facility to fulfil two functions: a new base for SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE and the means to venture into offering accommodation to guests.

Local was at the heart of our project. The building was designed by an architect living in the same street, with the façade embodying the characteristics of a Furukawa townhouse.

The building company we chose uses local timber and employs young carpenters, crucial to ensure the survival of the skilled carpentry for which this area is famed.

Both private rooms and communal areas are individually appointed with artisan furniture and crafts made by local craftsmen, our way of appreciating and helping to sustain artisan craftsmanship in the Hida area.
We hope that this townhouse, newly-built yet traditional, will act as a showcase of Hida culture and serve as a bridge between locals and visitors, providing a hub for cultural exchange.

Taku Yamada