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Winter Tours / Guided Tour

Hike over a glaze of powdered snow, experiencing nature simply as it is

**The booking starts from August 2018**

This snowshoeing tour offers a special way to commune with nature, understanding firsthand how people in the region have remained so profoundly connected to it. Our informative and entertaining guides let you freely explore the timeworn nooks and crannies around a breathtaking snow-dusted village, its mountainous landscape dotted with terraced rice fields. So don your snowshoes, take a breath of fresh, chill air, and don’t forget to take in the awesome view!


Tour Highlights


Tanekura, the region where your snowshoeing tour begins, is neither a tourist spot nor a “special” district. Rather, the old ways have been naturally preserved and cherished for centuries—all by the will of the local people.


This can be seen in the natural, day-to-day maintenance of the village townscape, which boasts venerable homes and old storehouses made of wood called “Itakura”, all of which are used to store grains that are still essential to the region today.

All this is to say that while the village you’ll see does stand as a tribute to history, it is also a living, breathing community. Please remember that as you take in the sights!

Tanada (Terraced Rice Fields) and the Surrounding Forest

Unlike the many flat rice fields found throughout the rest of Japan, ‘tanada’ terraced rice fields, looking like charming stairsteps steeping naturally upward, abound in this mountainous place.

Add to this the simple beauty of the forest, where traces of animals’ footprints, not to mention the occasional scratch of a bear claw on a tree, still linger on to remind you how close you really are to nature.

Take all of this in as you begin to climb higher and explore at your own pace, eventually able to see a view of the village from atop the tanada. Surrounded by snow, it’s the ultimate symbol of man’s synergy with the world—and it’s a sight that will make you feel even better than the fresh air can.

Beginners are welcome, as are children over 7 years old with shoe sizes of at least 20 cm. Whether you love communing with nature, glimpsing a traditional way of life nearly forgotten in most places, or simply walking in snow, this tour is suitable for almost anyone!



Jan 6, 2019Feb 28, 2019


Approx. 3h30m


Meet at SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE (Hida Furukawa) office
Departure for a small village
Arrival at a small village
Start the tour
Finish the tour
Departure for SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE (Hida Furukawa) office
Arrival and disperse

Number of Participants

Max7 people
Min2 people

Tour rate


Included in the price
  • Guide
  • Insurance
  • Rental Snowshoes and Stocks
  • Consumption Tax

Meeting Point


8-11 Furukawacho Ninomachi, Hida-shi, Gifu, Japan


  • This tour is available from 7 years of age.
  • Please note that we may not conduct the tour depending on the weather or snow condition.
  • There will be a small gift for customers who participate in this tour and one other in a week.


  • Please notify us by 72 hours prior to the tour time if you cancel your tour. You will be charged the cancellation fee based on the cancellation policy if you cancel the tour within 72 hours for any reason. Please see the link below for the detail.
    Cancellation policy

Private Tours

We have private tours available upon request.
* Please note that we have no child rates for private tours.

  • 1 person : ¥28,000
  • 2 persons : ¥14,000
  • 3 persons : ¥10,500
  • 4 persons or more : ¥8,000

Things to bring

  • Shoes (must)
    You need a pair of hiking boots to keep your feet warm.
    We have a limited number of boots sized 24-29 cm, so please let us know in advance if you would like to use them.
    If you have gaiters, they prevent snow from coming into the boots.
  • Clothing
    Multilayered clothing is recommended to adjust your body temperature by putting on or taking off layers of clothing.
    It is better to wear quick-dry clothing on the skin, such as synthetic one.
    As an outer layer, a rain jacket and pants are a good choice to protect you from rain and wind.
    If you need rain suits, we have rental one for 500yen.
  • Gloves and beanies
    Thick & warm gloves, like ski gloves, are recommended.
    Beanies are needed to cover your head and ears.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Thermos
  • You can bring your own hot drink
  • Backpack