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Winter Tours / Guided Tour

Experience winter in Hida close up. Enjoy an invigorating snowshoe exploration in a stunning mountainside forest of the northern Japanese Alps. Then take the cable car up to the best panoramic Alpine view in Japan.

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Our two-hour snowshoe tour, conducted in a spectacular forested area at an altitude of 1,300 meters, takes you through the softest powder snow in Hida. The natural wonders of the northern Japanese Alps are at your feet, with the tracks of animals like rabbits and antelopes mingling seamlessly with your own. This may be a journey for all seasons, but is best done on snowshoe for a unique winter experience. Beginners welcome!


After journeying by cable car with your guide to Nabedairakogen Station, a  pre-tour briefing precedes the start of your snowshoe tour at 11am. Tighten your shoe straps – all the better to keep you anchored in the snow – and immerse your senses in the snow-covered wilderness. Feel the velvety softness of the powder snow beneath your feet. See the tracks of the local wildlife that has visited before you. Listen to the wind whistling through the trees, including Hoba, a Japanese bigleaf magnolia whose enormous leaves are traditionally used both to wrap food, as with hoba sushi and mochi, and also as a wholly natural grill pan to cook hoba miso, meat and vegetables. Yes, these leaves are that strong! Japanese oak is used for firewood and wood from these mountain forests is also used extensively in the construction of Hida’s traditional wooden houses. Hida culture never strays far from nature, and our snowshoe tour helps you appreciate that unbreakable link.

After the guided part of the tour, take the upper cable car to the observation deck at the lofty height of 2150 metres. Here you can experience a truly magnificent panorama of the Japanese Alps, including the third highest mountain in Japan, Mount Okuhodaka, soaring up to 3190 metres, and just 10 metres lower the unmistakeable pinnacle of Mount Yari, translated as ‘spear mountain’ in English. You will certainly appreciate why it is so named.

Alternatively, or additionally, you may prefer to unwind at some of the most renowned hot springs (onsen) in Japan. Although not included in the tour, there are numerous open air baths readily accessible in the vicinity, where the warm water flows directly from a natural hot spring. One of these is Kamitakara no Yu near Nishihotaka-guchi bus station, costing just 600 yen to enter, and plentiful others are scattered throughout Okuhida Onsengo, readily accessible on foot or by bus from the foot of the cable car and ranging from 600 to 800 yen. Why not take the chance to warm up after your day in the chill mountain air with the most natural warm bath imaginable?

*Having finished the snowshoe tour by 13:00, most of our guests stay on in the Shinhotaka area until taking the bus back to Takayama at around 16:00, taking advantage of the upper cable car ride or experiencing the local hot spring baths. We would recommend taking your time in this natural playground and not to plan long-distance travel straight after this tour.


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Jan 31, 2020Feb 24, 2020


Approx. 4h30m

Please note that this timing relates to the guided part of the tour. The round trip can take 8hrs if guests are coming from Takayama. See the schedule below.


check in at the Nouhi Bus center / collect your tickets and get on the bus leaving at 8:40
Meet your guide at Shinhotakaonsen Station 1st Floor
Take the ropeway to Nabedairakogen Station. Preparation for snowshoeing at the Shinhotaka Visitor Center
Start the tour
Finish the guided part of the tour at the Shinhotaka Visitor Center
From 13.00 we recommend taking the upper ropeway (ticket price included in the tour), having a snack at the cafe and enjoying the view before taking the ropeway all the way down and returning to Takayama by bus

Number of Participants

Max10 people
Min2 people

Tour rate

14,300JPY/person Inc.Tax

Included in the price
  • Trained and experienced guide (in English)
  • Ropeway ticket (Lower and Upper)
  • Boots and outwear
  • Snowshoes (22.5cm - 29cm) and walking poles
  • Hot drink duing the tour

Meeting Point

Takayama Nouhi Bus Center

6-125 Hanasatomachi, Takayama, Gifu, Japan



  • The pricing of this tour includes return bus travel from Takayama. If you intend making your own way to Shinhotaka Ropeway, please contact us for a quote:
  • This tour is only open to those 10 years of age or above (shoe size: 22.5 cm and over)
  • Please note that this tour may not operate depending on the weather or snow conditions.
  • Public transportation may be delayed due to the weather. As our guide relies on public transport, please accept our apologies in case of their late arrival. Please wait for us at the Shinhotakaonsen station.


  • The tour may be cancelled without a cancellation fee up to 2 days before the tour date. Please see this link for full details: Cancellation policy

Things to bring

  • Shoes
    We can provide you with boots up to 29cm in size. If your shoe size exceeds this, you will need to provide your own.
    Gaiters can prevent snow from getting into your boots.
  • Clothing
    Multilayered clothing is recommended to enable efficient control of body temperature through the removal or addition of layers. We recommend wearing quick-drying (synthetic) clothing next to the skin.
    We will provide suitable outerwear, up to a Japanese size XL, in order to protect you from rain and wind.
  • Gloves and beanies
    Thick, warm gloves, such as ski gloves, are recommended.
    Beanies are recommended to cover your head and ears.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Thermos (you can bring your own hot drink)
  • Backpack


Please be sure to purchase appropriate travel insurance in advance.

[About Private Tours)

We have private tours available upon request:


1 person : ¥30,000 / per person

2 persons : ¥20,000 (Child : ¥17,000) / per person

3 persons: ¥17,500 (Child : ¥14,500) / per person

4 persons+ : ¥16,000 (Child : ¥13,000) / per person