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News: SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE: Tour Reopening Guidelines

6. June. 2020

Here at SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE we are reopening our tours. We have developed new protocols based on government regulations, expert advice and travel industry best practice. These will enable every guest to enjoy our activities in safety, together with our staff and locals in Hida, under the current COVID-19 situation.

We believe that implementation of the following measures will allow us to share special experiences safely with you in SATOYAMA:

Click here to see the measures we will be put in place.

Winter Tours / Guided Tour / Regular

Combine a visit to a Takayama sake brewery to learn about the ancient art of sake making with an interactive Japanese tapas cooking experience. Enjoy the fruits of your culinary efforts, paired with delicious local sake.

Sake making is a time-honored tradition in Hida, only taking place between November and March each year. Our Takayama sake brewery tour gives you exclusive access to one of the six breweries in town, to see the process firsthand. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the ‘toji’—the chief sake brewer and a proud Hida local—working his magic.

Following the brewery tour, stroll through the narrow, atmospheric streets of the Old Town to reach a cooking studio, where you will learn how to make three kinds of sauce, each carefully created using fresh local ingredients. Then savor a variety of delicious ‘tapas’ appetizers, served with your sauces, that you won’t find in the local food guide, washed down with sake made by the toji earlier that day. This tour is a wonderful interactive opportunity to gain insight into authentic local Hida gourmet culture.

Tour Highlights

Funasaka Shuzo

The venerable Takayama sake brewery where your experience begins. Discover the secrets of sake making while indulging your senses with the unique sounds, sights, aromas and atmosphere of the traditional institution.

Green Cooking Studio

Opened in 2016, this studio follows a strict philosophy of adhering to local culinary tradition in everything it does, from the ingredients to the special utensils used in preparing and cooking them. Architecturally designed to blend in with the ancient residences in its vicinity, there is no better place to feel the vibrant traditions of Hida life. We promise you a unique experience of learning, cooking and, of course, tasting.

‘Grinding the perilla seeds with traditional mortar and pestle is extremely satisfying!’


After the brewery tour and cooking experience, take a well-earned break to appreciate the best of local appetizers and sake. Three ‘tapas’ dishes, described below, will be served, flavoured by the sauces your culinary efforts have created:

Firstly, “Tsukemono Steak”, a mouth-watering combination of pickled  Chinese cabbage, butter and eggs, fried together to perfection. Next, thickly-sliced komo tofu crackers, served with two sauces, one of cream cheese and sake lees and another of miso and enoki mushrooms. Last but not least, sweet potatoes dressed with Aburae (Egoma) sauce, a delicious and nutritious perilla seed accompaniment widely used in many local dishes.




The perfect finish to your experience is provided by Funasaka Shuzo, the sake brewery you visited earlier. Made with freshly harvested rice, this quintessentially local beverage will round off your day in style.

*For families with small children, please consider our Family Cooking tour (suitable for 6 year-olds and over)


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Dec 1, 2019Dec 30, 2019
Jan 6, 2020Mar 15, 2020


Approx. 2h30m

Number of Participants

Max8 people
Min2 people

Tour rate

6,500JPY/person Inc.Tax **The fee is based on the number of participants

Included in the price
  • Hotel pick up & drop off
  • Trained and experienced guide (in English/Japanese)
  • Small group tour
  • Sake Tasting
  • Cooking experience
  • Light Meal


Tour Fee **The fee is based on the number of participants

  • 1 person: ¥22,000/pp
  • 2 people : ¥11,000/pp
  • 3 people : ¥7,500/pp
  • 4 people or more : ¥6,500/pp



  • The tour may be cancelled without a cancellation fee up to 2 days before the tour date. Please see this link for full details: Cancellation policy


Please be sure to purchase appropriate travel insurance in advance.