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Family Cooking

Cooking class for family with small children to experience Japanese cooking, MISO-soup and popular Mochi snack!

This tour is a cooking class designed for the family with small children to make Japanese cuisines. It is an easy and short cooking program to spend a fun afternoon in Takayama.

You will enjoy cooking two Japanese cuisines: Gohei-mochi and Miso soup.

What is Gohei-mochi?

Its a skewered rice-cakes with Aburae, one of popular local snacks especially common for local events in Hida region. You can also try in the old-town in Takayama. Aburae, a type of wild sesames called Perilla seeds in English, is a traditional ingredients of Hida region. Let’s grind Aburae seeds and make a paste with sugar. This sweet dip matches very well with the oval shape rice-cakes. This dip sauce is often used as dressing for boiled spinach and potatoes. The cooking studio will be filled with the roasting aroma of Aburae seeds, and it will surely stimulate your appetite.

What is Miso Soup?

Miso soup is the typical Japanese dish enjoyed every day with a variety of seasonal ingredients. We would say that this is the signature taste of home cooking. Miso is originally made by fermented soybeans and used for many Japanese dishes. Soybeans are called “meats of the field” with lots of health-promoting benefits and have been favored by the Japanese since long time ago. For making a cup of miso soup, Japanese soup stock called Dashi also plays an essential roll in adding a deep savory flavor. You will learn the authentic way of making Dashi.



If you find free afternoon in Takayma, why don’t you join the easy fun cooking class with your children to make a special memory of staying Hida?



Dec 1, 2018Dec 29, 2018
Jan 4, 2019Mar 15, 2019


Approx. 1h30m

Number of Participants

Max8 people
Min2 people

Tour rate


Included in the price
  • Guide
  • Cooking meal (light snack)
  • Insurance
  • Consumption Tax

Meeting Point

Green Cooking Studio

78 Shimosannomachi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-0841


  • This tour is suitable for children above 6 years old. Please let us know if you bring children below 5 years old. *Please do not take your eyes off the children during a class since we use kitchen knives and fire stove.


  • Please notify us by 72 hours prior to the tour time if you cancel your tour. You will be charged the cancellation fee based on the cancellation policy if you cancel the tour within 72 hours for any reason. Please see the link below for the detail.
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