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Real Food. Real Culture. Taste Takayama’s tradition with Morning Market

The Takayama Food & Culture Walk is a guided culinary tour through the unique cultural sights of Takyama. Takayama is a town famed for being deeply rooted in its local culture and history, where daily life still revolves around its longstanding traditional shops such as the tofu seller, sake brewery, Japanese sweets shop, and many more.


This entertaining and informative Takayama tour takes lets you stroll down the side streets of a beautiful town, practically unchanged since the Edo period, while having a bite in some of its best food shops along the way.


This is more than an ordinary culinary tour—escorted by an experienced local guide, you’ll be introduced to sights that tell of Takayama’s rich culture and history, regaled with fascinating stories, and even meet some of our local food heroes throughout shops that still retain the authentic atmosphere of days long past.


In addition to visiting both tofu and miso shops to learn a bit about how these timeless food staples are made, this Takayama tour allows you to experience the goodness and artistry of “Wagashi” Japanese sweets…

And sample some local sake varieties that have been part of the Takayama food scene for generations.Learn about the wonders of Takayama through sight, sound and taste—and experience what the locals already know and love.


Takayama Food and Culture Walk Highlights

Harada Sake Brewery

The Hida district is brimming with abundant natural water sources, so it should come as no surprise that sake production is deeply rooted in local life. Try some sake at one of the many sake breweries dotting the area.

Miyakawa Morning Market

Having existed since the Edo period, this huge and bustling morning market continues the proud tradition of selling fresh seasonal vegetables and homemade products, their flavors each echoing the natural purity of long ago.

Koji-ya and Miso Shop

Visit the local shop where koji, the basic ingredient of many popular Japanese staples including sake, soy sauce and miso, is painstakingly created using fermented wheat and rice. Then drop by the miso shop to taste the fruits of their labor.


For coffee break, you can drop into a venerable old house remodeled as a charming coffee shop—that is, if you’re not full from eating so much along the way! These are just some of the wonderful things you have to look forward to during your quest to discover Takayama food for yourself!




Jan 4, 2018Dec 29, 2018
Jan 4, 2019Dec 29, 2019


Approx. 2h30m

Number of Participants

Max8 people
Min1 person

Meeting Point

Entrance gate of Takayama Jinya

1-15 Hachikenmachi, Takayama, Gifu, Japan



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