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KOMINKA・Genshichi Long Stay

Long Stay / Minka

Farmer’s house standing on a plateau 1,000 m above sea level for 200 years

It is an old folk house built by a traditional wooden construction method over 200years ago and a typical farmer’s house with a big space for various purposes such as sericulture and farm work. Recently a long-established hotel was converted as its annex.

The horizontal members such as thick pillars and big beams unique to old folk houses are gleaming black beautifully, which was nurtured by years of living. The floors and wooden fittings keep the color called fukiiro (fuki means to wipe and iro means color), which makes us feel some nostalgia along with a irori (Japanese traditional sunken hearth).

Sugo, where Genshichi stands, became a hidden place after the Nara period so that a culture not well-known still remains there. Also, it is 1,000 m above sea level, which is higher than most places in Hida area. There are mountain ranges standing on both sides of Route 41. The gentle southern slopes of those mountain ranges are dotted with houses, which is the area called Sugo. Satoyama’s beautiful aspects of each season spread before your eyes, and you can have songs of birds, chirping of insects, murmur of a brook and wind blowing through you, all to yourself. It is cool in summer and snowy in winter. In the neighborhood, there are some places for resort activities such as golf, trekking and ski, which is also one of the attractions in Sugo.

In such a big farmer’s house in satoyama with a wealth of nature, you can enjoy your stay relaxing with your family, colleagues and lots of friends.



  • Amenities (Towels, Shampoo &Body soup, Tooth brush)
  • KItchen Amenities (Fridge, Stove, Rice cooker, Toaster, Microwave..)
  • Others(Electric grill plate, BBQ grill, mobile stove for hot pot)
  • Dinnerware (Plates, Bowls, Flatware, Glasses..)
  • Cooking Accessories (Knives, Sauce Pans, Kettle..)
  • Pantry (Salt, Pepper, Sugar..)
  • Washing machine, Hair dryer
  • Wi-Fi Service
  • Use of office equipment (Projector, Screen, Whiteboard)

Lend and Sell

  • Fuel charge 700 yen per night (in wintertime from Nov to April)

Access to Minka

Furukawacho Sugo, Hida-shi, Gifu, Japan


  • 2 nights minimum stay
  • 10% discount for 1 week stay (6 nights)
  • Extra person 3,250 yen per night after 2 guests
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the house.
  • This house is available from April to November.