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Hida Satoyama Cycling JAPAN ALPS E-BIKE DAY TOUR

26. March. 2021

Here at SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE we are reopening our tours in 2021!

If you can’t find the tour online, please don’t hesitate to contact us (reservation<at> please change <at>to @). We do our best to accommodate you. In this COVID-19 situation, we strongly recommend to take private tours.

We have developed new protocols based on government regulations, expert advice and travel industry best practice. These will enable every guest to enjoy our activities in safety, together with our staff and locals in Hida, under the current COVID-19 situation.

We believe that implementation of the following measures will allow us to share special experiences safely with you in SATOYAMA:

Click here to see the measures we will be put in place.

Hida Satoyama Cycling / Guided Tour

A truly unique adventure, our e-bike tour rides up the magnificent Norikura Skyline road, peaking at 2,702m. With privately-owned cars prohibited, the Skyline is famed as a mecca for cyclists who love to tackle high mountains.

Our tour starts from an altitude of 1,684m, winding above the tree line and rising over 1,000 metres. Especially impressive is the section just below the peak. With clouds below, the final approach feels like riding into the sky!

The tour group is followed by a van, with support staff ready to assist guests, and with extra e-bike batteries, so even novice cyclists can reach the top.

As well as spectacular mountain views, the beauty of Alpine wildlife and nature is on show, including bears, birds and wild flowers; our expert guides will explain about all these and more.





Approx. 2h40m

Meeting time: 8:40


Meet our guide, who will be wearing a red jacket with the SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE logo, at Honoki Bus Terminal (Contact: 090-5854-4492)
*Please do not stand in the line to take a bus
Transfer by van to Hirayu Pass
Start the e-bike tour at Hirayu Pass (elevation: 1,684m)
*Our van, which follows your tour group, can carry any personal belongings which you will not need while cycling, such as drinks, snacks and a change of clothes.
Arrive at Tatamidaira (elevation: 2,702m), the end point of your tour.
*We will give you a bus ticket to return to Honoki Bus Terminal.
*Following the tour, you are free to spend time as you wish, you do not need to take the bus down the mountain immediately.
* Please complete our questionnaire after the tour.

Number of Participants

Max4 people
Min1 person

Tour rate


Included in the price
  • Guide
  • E-bike and helmet rental
  • Snack
  • Tea
  • Bus ticket from Tatamidaira to Honoki Bus Terminal
  • A voucher to the value of 1000 yen, valid for the restaurant at Ginreiso Inn (Tatamidaira).
  • *The bus ticket is valid for the day of issue only. If you are not returning to Honoki Bus Terminal on the same day, please let us know in advance.

Meeting Point

Honoki Bus Terminal

465 Nyukawacho Kute, Takayama, Gifu


<<Tour cancelation>>

・Tours will be canceled when Hirayu Gate is closed due to adverse weather conditions or accumulated rainfall. If we decide to cancel the tour in advance, we will inform you via email by 19:00 on the day before the tour, or by 8:00 on the tour date. Please check your email before you come.

*We may cancel during the tour in the event of sudden changes in the weather conditions.


<<Environment information>>

Temperature: There is an altitude difference of 1,018 metres between the start point of 1,684m (Hirayu Pass) and the end point of 2,702m (Tatamidaira).

As the temperature drops by 0.6 degrees Celsius for every 100m of elevation gained, there is a wide gap of over 10 degrees between start and finish. Fog and clouds are common on the mountain, and can descend suddenly. The temperature at the end point (Tatamidaira), is usually around 10 degrees in summer, and under 10 degrees in autumn.

We recommend wearing layered clothing to cope with this temperature fluctuation, and a warm hat (beanie) should be worn under your helmet to protect your head and ears from the cold wind.

Climate: Mountain weather can change often and fast, regardless of a good weather forecast or fine conditions at the start of the tour. Sudden rain, fog or thunder are always possible. Accordingly, to ensure guest safety, the tour will be conducted with support staff driving a vehicle, which will follow your tour group.

Wild animals: Mount Norikura provides habitat for Asiatic black bears. The bears are not dangerous if we maintain an appropriate distance. With the safety measures which we implement , there is no need for excessive alarm or worry; our support staff will continuously monitor for any sign of potential danger, and ‘bear bells’ will be used to encourage any bears to keep their distance.


<<What to bring>>

<Essential> *Required during the tour

  • Rain jacket and pants (rental is available). Please ensure that the top and bottoms are separated. Ponchos are not suitable as the hem can become caught in the bicycle wheels.
  • Warm clothing (e.g. fleece jacket, gloves, warm hat (beanie), layered clothing suitable for cold weather); the temperature at Tatamidaira and the top of Mt. Norikura can dip under 10 degrees.
  • Light backpack (rental is available) to carry rain gear, drinks, snacks, etc.
  • Drinks: please use the bottle holder on the bicycle or carry in your backpack.

<Recommended> *Useful after the tour

  • A change of clothes, socks, and shoes: we may be caught in sudden heavy rain. As rainwear may not give 100% protection, we recommend carrying a full change of clothing, particularly if you intend to explore around the mountain peak after the tour. You can use the changing room at Ginrenso Inn after the tour.


Sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, a towel, snacks (dried fruits, chocolate, nuts, etc.)