Regular Tours

Standard Guided Tour 3.5-Hour Guided Tour of Hida Satoyama

The 3.5-Hour Guided Tour of Satoyama is both our longest-running and most popular Hida Satoyama cycling excursions. Find out what sets it apart from other Japan cycling tours.

Reception desk location: Hida Furukawa

Private Half Guided Tour 2.5-Hour Guided Tour of Hida Furukawa

This two and a half-hour long bike tour is great for novice cyclists and those with children–experience local culture without the difficulties of a rugged trek.

Reception desk location: Hida Furukawa

Afternoon Group Half Guided Tour 2.5-Hour Guided Tour of Hida Furukawa

From the graceful town of Hida Furukawa, all the way to a rustic farming village, this totally flat, two and a half-hour long guided bike tour is perfect for beginning cyclists and those with families…

Reception desk location: Hida Furukawa



A truly unique adventure, our e-bike tour rides up the magnificent Norikura Skyline road, peaking at 2,702m. With privately-owned cars prohibited, the Skyline is famed as a mecca for cyclists who love…