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Suehiro Long Stay

Long Stay / Minka

Sukiyazukuri*1 house built by combining the best technologies

Blending with the old townscape of Hidafurukawa where traditional townhouses stand, this sukiyazukuri house is outstandingly showing a presence. The wooden house built about 40 years ago might not be a folk house. However, the structure built by sheer persistence of craftsmen in Hida is worth seeing.

It is different from degoushizukuri*2 buildings standing in a row in the townscape of Furukawa and is enclosed with walls of delicate workmanship using chestnut naguri*3 lumber on top of ragwork composed of big and small stones.

The expression of stones laid on an approach, from where you can see the house topped by a copper sheet roof, is a piece of art. You can slightly see the courtyard through the front lattice door. The atmosphere of the courtyard is comfortable too.

The interior design is delicate, the precious woods used in various parts will take your breath away and the high-level techniques of craftsmen will surprise you. It is a calm and superior house.

Although located in the central part of Furukawa, it is in a quiet residential area that is a little bit away from so-called tourist routes. The neighbors are warm and gentle, too. While it is suitable for shopping and sightseeing, it is also suited to shutting yourself up, writing and developing ideas with relaxing.

  • *1 Sukiyazukuri is a type of architectural style based on tea house aesthetics.
  • *2 Degoushizukuri is a type of architectural style in which lattices are sticking out of exterior walls.
  • *3 Naguri is a traditional processing technique to leave unique shaving marks using a drove chisel, an adze, etc.



  • Use of office equipment (projector, screen, whiteboard W1300&W1900)
  • KItchen Amenities (Fridge, Stove, Rice cooker, Toaster, Microwave..)
  • Cooking Accessories (Knives, Sauce Pans, Kettle..)
  • Pantry (Salt, Pepper, Sugar..)
  • Dinnerware (Plates, Bowls, Flatware, Glasses..)
  • Washer
  • Wi-Fi Service

Lend and Sell

  • Futon (Japanese-style bedding) (Please see NOTICE.)
  • Fuel charge 700 yen per night (in wintertime from November to April)

Access to Minka

Furukawacho Suehiro, Hida-shi, Gifu, Japan


  • It is not allowed to smoke in the house.
  • The house is not equipped with futons. Instead, we rent ones from a futon rental shop upon request. Please feel free to contact us.
  • This price is limited for this year only.